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Designed for best efficiency
The drive for yachts, working boats, fast rescue boats, patrol boats, pleasure boats and high-performance raceboats ! Designed and developed to transform the concentrated power of modern, high performance engines into the ultimate in propulsion!

Patented, original SARO tunnel prop technology
Intensive ongoing development of the world's best drive design together with years of experience shows once more that even a good thing can get better, and when this happens in our own workshop, the result is usually a top-class product without peer.

The SARO tunnel drive system is far ahead of all other boat drive systems in efficiency and performance. Thanks to the optimized flow design of the drive housing and the use of new materials, even the best proven conventionaldrive systems can barely keep pace with the SARO-Tunnel-drives.

Powerful thrust from a stationary position that accelerates the boat forcefully, leaving even boats with counterrotating propeller systems standing in the spray, can only be achieved by the SARO tunnel effect, in which a solid stream of water, free of surrounding water, can already flow undiminished when the boat is standing still.
With a rugged design developed for daily use under tough routine working conditions, the 300MXC, the 400H and the 500 uses only heavy-duty parts for the longest possible service life and long maintenance intervals. This enables the Tunnel-drives to be deployed in high-performance military- and commercial boats as well.

Compact design
Integrated steering and trim cylinders make our drives a very compact unit. The drives are delivered fully assembled, cutting the cost of installation to a minimum.

Outstanding maneuverability in all navigation situations.
Whether navigating slowly in harbors, landing, traveling in reverse, cruising or at top speed, the SARO tunnel prop design is distinguished by its extraordinarily good handling.
SARO tunnel systems are steerable, trimmable propeller units, without disruptive rudder blades in the slipstream. Mooring, maneuvering in tight places and even reversing thus become child's play.

Excellently suited for shallow water
Installation of the SARO drive systems on the transom reduces the draft by up to 70% compared to boats with conventional drives. Consequently in nearly all applications there is no need for compromise solutions with unfavorable flow characteristics of the hull design. For commercial, civilian, military or high-performance use, the SARO-Tunnel-Drives from MSA are the only logical choice for your boat's drive train!